About North Pacific Kelp Company

Best Quality Kelp for Healthy Lives

Our high end kelp products are made with a vision in mind: stay connected with the precious environment of Haida Gwaii, B.C through respectful and responsible harvesting. 

We are responsible for our actions and as a natural resource extractor/exploiter, we are driven by integrity with the intention of respecting nature. We strive to connect with nature by monitoring the Kelp forest.

Is the kelp forest growing more, growing less? Are there invasive species still growing? Are we harvesting too much? 

Instead of ignoring the state of the kelp forest, we value the importance of its existence. Fundamentally, our respect for nature is the backbone of our company. 

When you buy from North Pacific Kelp you are also committing yourself to beauty, health, and quality. 

In the words of CEO and Founder Dafne Romero, 

“Beauty is giving me kelp, beauty is giving me health. It’s more pure than having a methodology to create that food”

What does quality kelp mean? 

Quality kelp refers to 

  1. Quality inspection and hygiene, 

  2. Excellence and pride in our products 

  3. Ensuring our employees like what they do and how they do it. 

  4. Fair to Nature 


Would you like to Kelp out? 

Visit us in Haida Gwaii! If you're interested in learning more about us and how we do things at North Pacific Kelp you can visit us at our location. We may be out harvesting, so before you come make sure you send us an email at northpacifickelp@gmail.com or give us a phone call at 250-637-1489

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