How to Cook with Kelp - Tips from Dafne

Posted on May 15 2023, By: Kelper Romero

Here are some of our recommendations for preparing and cooking with Kelp from owner and CEO, Dafne Romero! 

1. Speedy oven method: Place the kelp on a tray or oven proof plate and place in hot a oven. Watch it closely. Depending on your heat seatings, it may need to be checked every minute or so. We recommend baking your kelp at 300° Fahrenheit. If the kelp is fresh, bake at 350°F but stay vigilant and keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn! Fresh Kelp takes longer to bake. Kelp can burn easily and this method is only recommended if you are short in time and is economical if the oven is already on.

2. Slow oven method: Place in a cool oven overnight- ideally not hotter than 105°, F 40°C to retain vital nutrients. This is an easy way of crisping kelp when you have planned and can crush and store kelp in glass jars for later use. Or in case you have leftover fresh kelp. 

3. Pan method: Place on a dry heavy pan and set over low heat until crisp, turning often with a small pincer and pressing the kelp into the pan. Test with your fingers by tearing or crushing to see if it is becoming crisp. Depending on the humidity of the kelp to start with this can tale up to 30 minutes or more. You will become an expert when you do this several times--you will get to know your kelp! This method is a gentle way of removing moisture and mucilage and there is no danger to burning or overheating the kelp.

4. Grille method: This is my favourite way! Its so delicious! Especially fresh Giant kelp! The grill can be used to crisp kelp. Place a layer of grease proof paper over the kelp to prevent burning and keep on the bottom slot, well away from the heat at the top. This can be useful if the kelp is wet. It can take 10 minutes but you must turning often (2-3 times).