Kombu Large Flakes - 35 grams

Product Info

Kombu is a nutrient-dense seaweed that has been valued for centuries for its health benefits. It's high in iodine, calcium, and iron, making it a great addition to any diet. Our Large Kombu Flakes are perfect for adding a savory umami flavour to soups, stews, and broths. 

Simmer the Kombu for at least 20-minutes to soften and flavour your broth. Kombu with miso and fresh ginger make for a delicious food pairing! 

Our Kombu Flakes are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, ensuring that it's accessible to a wide range of dietary needs. 

All of our packages are made from compostable plant-based materials. Help our planet and compost North Pacific Kelp product packages 💚

How to Cook with Kelp

Here are some of our recommendations for preparing and cooking with Kelp from owner and CEO, Dafne Romero.

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